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November 3, 2023

Our Story


Kiki and Sam met after a multitude of serious consequences, spur of the moment decisions, fateful crossroads, gut instincts, serendipitous shenanigans, and a little liquid courage, compounded over generations, throughout millennia dating back to the first known brave moment where, through necessity, tenacity and the will to live by adaptation, that single seminal marine mammal flopped it’s flippers up on dry land and scuttled into the unknown.  


But let’s fast forward past the boring parts to 2010.  


Kiki and Sam had met before this point though their mutual friend, who we lovingly refer to as “Gutter” sometime around 2007.  Kiki’s (over the top description of genre) band, “Lurid Bliss,” played a show with Sam’s 80s hair metal super group, “Live Evil,” and even though both were absolute smoke-shows that night, it happens sometimes that sparks don’t immediately fly.  This was the case for Kiki and Sam.  Their sparks smoldered, and gathered heat; the red hot embers waiting patiently for the inevitable. 


In 2010 the fire was ready and the moment had arrived.  After a few back and forth text messages (that are nobody’s business), Kiki invited Sam to her house for a party… as friends… For some reason both considered the other to be out of their league and they set their expectations accordingly.  


After a series of perilous circumstances, ill-timed dares and doors that lock automatically, the moment finally came (and it is none of your business what happened next). 

What I can tell you is that it was the start of a beautiful relationship that would continue through good times and bad, sickness and health, and bring us all the way to the present day, where finally they are here to prove to the masses what they have known since that infamous night back in 2010: that this couple rocks!

Nov 03, 2023, 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM PDT
United Irish Cultural Center,
2700 45th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116, USA

Dia de los Muertos?  Day of the Dead?  Yes! You read that correctly.


The end of October is a magical time of the year, when the veil is thin, and spirits are said to walk amongst the living. This time of year has always been very special to Sam and Kiki; not only is Halloween collectively their favorite day of the year - many of you know them for their annual Halloween party and haunted home decor - but they also had their first date on Halloween 2010. Which is why they've decided to have a civil ceremony at city hall on Halloween 2023.


BUT... this isn't an invitation to that.  This is an invitation to the reception. This is an invitation to the PARTY! Which, truth be told, is the most important part, because we all get to celebrate these unique weirdos together!


And since Dia de los Muertos, is on the heels of Halloween, and is also part of Kiki's familial heritage, it was the perfect date for their wedding reception! By hosting their reception on this day, not only are they asking all their living relatives and friends to be with them to celebrate their marriage, but they are also setting a place for everyone's ancestors, and those that have passed through the veil, to be with all of us on this special night.

Please dress however you wish to express yourself. You can come dressed in classic Dia de los Muertos drag, you can rewear your Halloween costume, or you can dress how you usually would dress for a wedding reception.  

This is an informal, family-friendly, masquerade party and reception.  There will be an open bar and taco truck.  There will also be live music and dancing. It's a party so get creative and have fun with us!

Getting There

getting there


San Francisco is a only 7miles x 7 miles and it is easy to get around via taxi, Uber or Lyft.

Of course we hope you will cheers a few with us - but please do not drink and drive

UBER - You can sign up for Uber and get the app for your phone.

LYFT - You can sign up for Lyft and get the app for your phone.

FLYWHEEL - You can download the app to FlyWheel here.  This app will put you in touch with local San Francisco taxi drivers

Or if you still prefer the old school way you can call

Yellow Cab @ 415-333-3333


For those of you that are driving into San Francisco, we ask that you do not drink and drive. 

So if you will be drinking the night of our reception, please, consider booking a hotel room for the night. San Francisco hotels can be expensive, but we've sourced a few reasonably priced locations and sorted them by price range.


rates from: $159.00

rates from: $109.00

rates from: $125.00

rates from: $142.00


rates from: $160.00

rates from: $160.00

rates from: $195.00

rates from: $200.00


rates from: $251.00

rates from: $207.00

rates from: $222.00

rates from: $269.00

rates from: $278.00

rates from: $282.00

rates from: $288.00

rates from: $286.00

rates from: $299.00



Sam and Kiki have been cohabitating for over a decade and have a fair share of housewares. If you would like to send a gift cash donations are appreciated. Funds will be used towards the couple's honeymoon.

Donate button is below...

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